Humanitarian aid

At present, the leadership and people of Ukraine are under pressure from the Russian invasion.

Based on the results of four months of war, we conclude that state institutions due to the harsh conditions of the destroyed economy, the outflow of people, constant psychological pressure, military support of the front are unable to take care of all affected citizens who left the occupied territories or are now directly in the zone of active hostilities.

The situation at the front and in the occupied territories makes it clear that the affected Ukrainians, who are currently in the controlled territory of Ukraine, have two options: to stay in Ukraine or to go abroad, to European countries or beyond.

Our team of like-minded people will continue to do everything possible to help our citizens, soldiers and the economy of Ukraine. And here is what I want to ask you: let us all help those Ukrainians who were forced to leave their homes and are now looking for a peaceful life. We must make every effort to make these people feel comfortable in our cities. We understand that during the war, the country cannot close all the problematic issues of refugees from the temporarily occupied territories.

The “For Ukraine” Foundation, together with volunteers and other charitable and volunteer organizations, provides assistance to refugees located not only in Zaporizhzhia, but also in other cities. This is mainly humanitarian aid. But it is also very important to help refugees with renting housing, finding a job, preparing children for the new educational process etc.

How you can help:

1. The “For Ukraine” Foundation provides humanitarian aid to Ukrainians affected by russia’s military aggression. You can get acquainted with the list of necessary items at the link.

2. We have a warehouse in the city of Zaporizhzhia. Please fill out the google form, so that we can prepare for your arrival. Before uploading, please complete the labeling file, fill it and stick it on the boxes.

3. If you have the opportunity to provide housing for forced migrants, victims of the Kremlin’s military aggression, please register using the link.

4. In particular, you can provide targeted financial assistance for the humanitarian needs of refugees or displaced persons. These funds will be spent on the needs defined above.