About us:
The Charitable Foundation "Zadlya Ukrayiny" was established by like-minded people during the war to help a stable Ukrainian society in the crisis.

Why is this important to you:

Together we can do a great good – protect Ukraine and be a force for Europe.

Together we will bring the victory closer. We can resist the enemy on all fronts by helping the Ukrainian Armed Forces, territorial defence, internally displaced people and the economy of our country.

Thanks to your support, we will be able to defend the honour and dignity of free people by using the money as effectively as possible not only for the current needs, but also for the future reconstruction of Ukraine.

The main activities of the Foundation:

Defense of the Military

To save the life of a serviceman in all available ways by distributing personal protective equipment: body armor and helmets.

It so happened that the Ukrainian army mobilized a very large number of people simultaneously. No army in Europe today is able to provide all the necessary equipment to hundreds of thousands of troops at the same time. Today, a large number of servicemen of the Armed Forces and Territorial Defense were equipped with volunteers, patrons, and at their own expense.

Urgent goal: to provide 100% of all involved in hostilities with individual equipment: bulletproof vest, helmet, unloading vest, tactical gloves, tactical goggles. By preserving the lives and health of our defenders, we are bringing victory closer, strengthening the army and thus reducing the risk to the civilian population in the immediate vicinity of the fighting zones

Humanitarian aid

Provide humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians already affected and forced to flee the war to various regions of Ukraine.

Zaporizhia has become a major hub for refugees from all over eastern Ukraine. More than 100,000 citizens who were forced to flee the war, who lost everything they had and are forced to start all over again, have officially passed through Zaporizhia alone. Many of them need medical, moral and financial assistance to start a new life both in Zaporizhia and in other parts of our big country.

Economic development

Development of innovative productions inside Ukraine. At present, Ukraine’s economy needs to transform as soon as possible.

Production of high value-added products has always been and remains the goal of Ukrainian manufacturers. If these products help to defeat the enemy, it will give us an even stronger boost in the economic sphere. Ukraine is the country of the future Ilons Masks, and our goal is to open them and steer in the right direction.

Restoration of destroyed infrastructure

Now we are focusing all our efforts on victory, but we need to plan the work after the victory, namely the restoration of destroyed cities, villages and communities. Ukraine must become even more beautiful, tidier, even more attractive.
In the construction of new locations, we must use the latest trends in urban planning, architecture, engineering communications. We are faced with the difficult task of making our infrastructure so attractive that displaced people, our citizens who went to war, and foreigners who now want to know for sure what a country with such a big heart and strong spirit wants to return!

Frequently Asked Questions:

– If you want donate

– By humanitarian vantage – contact coordinator by phone, or e-mail cf.4ukraine@gmail.com

– Volunteer – contact by Telegram – we are volunteers and we will know what you can do.

We do not fund the purchase of weapons for the murder. We direct funding to personal protective equipment, communications equipment, and tactical medicine for military personnel. We help civilians who suffered as a result of the military aggression of russia.

Your support is welcome